Here are some great blogs I follow.  If you would like me to add your blog, please comment below or email me at

To be considered, I ask only the following:

1.  That you regularly post and update your blog.

2.  That it is related to autism and/or special needs.

3.  That you have made an effort.  Meaning, please take some time to add content to your pages and description.  It really shouldn’t say, “Just another blog.”    🙂

Special thanks to “E” at The Third Glance for her kindness in reformatting my messy blogroll into Excel – a marvelous program that I hate.  

Blog Name URL
Adventures in Extreme Parenthood
Alienhippy’s Blog
Autism Daddy
Autism Home Rescue
Autism Rocks and Rolls
Autism Story Book Mom
Between Hope and a Hard Place
Autism Mumma
Both Hands and a Flashlight
Both Sides of the Coin
Burdick Family Blog
Caffeinated Autism Mom
Defying the Spectrum
Delightfully Different Life – D.S. Walker
Don’t Mind the Mess
Embracing the Spectrum
Floortime Lite Mama
Four plus and Angel
Friendship Circle Blog
From the Outside Looking In
I am JuJu!
Jumping Waves
Just Another Autism Blog
Kaleidoscope Zeal
Lee Life and Lessons
Life with an Autistic Son
Life’s Little Puzzle
Lost and Tired
Many Hats Mommy
Mind Retrofit
Nelson Turf
One Girl Circus
Our Journey Thru Autism
Out of the Fog
Outrunning the Storm
Planet Josh
Puzzles and Popcorn
Schuyler’s Monster
Still Fighting
Swimmin’ in Alphabet Soup
Tao of Kathryn
The Theology of Autism
The Third Glance
Ty’s Journey with Autism
Welcome to Autism
Wonderfully Wired

42 responses »

  1. Hi, would you please consider adding my blog? My son is three and undiagnosed except for with developmental delays, most significantly a speech and language delay. It’s

  2. Amanda says:

    Please check me out, got a blog about my quest to learn all I can about helping my son with ASD while still being sarcastic 🙂

  3. onelostmama says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog. When we first started this whole journey with Liam your blog was one of the first I found and I think I read all of your posts in one day…but not in a creepy stalker way…I was just so lost and confused. I am slowly ramping up my own blog so I can get my thoughts out of my brain and somewhere hopefully constructive.

  4. Rachele D says:

    I love you blog, and have been following it since we started our ASD journey back in April. I have recently started a blog of my own and wold love it if you could add it to your blog roll. It is still a work in progress, but I’m getting there 🙂

  5. AutismMumma says:

    Thanks so much for including my blog, I’m attempting to compile my own blog roll. Just one teensy thing, could I be @AutismMumma on the first bit, blog title still remains as bluecrisps. Thank you 🙂 Jeannette

  6. tstarmom says:

    I love your blog and have been following since December. You are such a great writer & express yourself beautifully. I’m a fan! My son, Jake, has a speech disorder called apraxia and I’ve been blogging about our journey since December of 2011. One day a week I journal our progress/digression and the other day I write on an activity that has helped his speech improve. Visit

  7. arianezurcher says:

    My blog, that I began two years ago, with my husband (who occasionally posts as well) is about autism and our daughter Emma. Being incredibly OCDish I post Monday through Friday unless there is some sort of unexpected crisis. In other words I rarely miss a weekday. I am enjoying reading your blog, just found it!

  8. Hi – am hoping you might consider adding me to your blogroll? My blog is only new, so be kind!!

  9. cathykal says:

    So honored to be included on your blogroll! I’m grateful to have found such an awesome autism bloggy community 🙂 Thank you!

  10. Lisa says:

    Eeep! Thank you for including me in your blogroll. I am honored. I love your blog–you have such a way with words!

  11. I’d love to join your blogroll 🙂
    Also, if you want to organize them by alphabetical order (or put names of blogs next to them, etc) you can copy/paste that list into excel, and then sort that way – works like a charm. 🙂

    • FlappinessIs says:

      You just cracked me up. Because you are just like ME. lol The lack of organization to my blog roll makes me nuts too. We school librarians tend to be a little OCD about some things. But – for the life of me! – I can’t seem to get around to taking the time to do this. In retrospect, I should have had the foresight to do that from the beginning. Yet, I loathe Excel. Okay, I’m going to apply myself to your suggestion. Soon. LOL 🙂

      • I’ll do it for you if you want. 😛

      • FlappinessIs says:

        You are my missing twin. LOL If I know how to do something techie and the other person doesn’t, I just grab it and do it anyway. Tell you what. I’m hosting a lock-in tonight and will have endless hours to tinker on the computers in the wee hours of the torturous night. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll take you up on it!

      • Check your email – I was playing around last night (and avoiding doing my work) so I created a potential blogroll for you from what is currently there. Use it if you want. If you don’t, no hard feelings, I was just curious to make sure that what I’d suggested to you to do would be straightforward and easy to actually do. 🙂 Someone is a techie nerd (and enjoys it)

  12. Kathy Kresin says:

    Come take a look at

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  13. Kathy Kresin says:

    My blog can be found at I would be honored if you would add it to your blogroll. I love reading your posts and appreciate your perspective as a teacher.

  14. Wow, thanks for including me!

  15. gettingbyonourgoodlooks says:

    Please add me to your blog roll.

  16. Tina says:

    I’m just starting to blog about my life with Autism and Aspergers. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m hoping to meet some more people out there that can use words of advice and comfort just as much as I can. Thanks!

  17. Mama J says:

    Leigh-I enjoy your blog. I shared your blog and the link to your site on a recent entry. It’s the one about the letter to the shopper. You summed my thoughts perfectly. I find that a sense of humor goes a long way on our journey. Have recently started a blog about my son who keeps us laughing. Those around us have come to appreciate his sense of humor, too, and look forward to his Facebook status updates. 😀

    Meet our boy, Shane.

  18. Hi, Can you add our little blog to your roll? I’d very much appreciate it 🙂

    thank you, Crystal

  19. Could I be added to your blogroll as well? My blog is My son hasn’t been diagnosed with Autism, but he does have SPD as well as global developmental delays. Love your blog BTW!

  20. TOny Heath says:

    Please notify me of new posts.

  21. Brian says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I think we finally made it!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the shout out.

  22. Hi Leigh,

    My husband I have enjoyed checking out your blog. You have some wonderful insights. We have five children and two of them are severely on the spectrum. We started our blog recently, and would love to be added to your list. We do our best to post at least twice weekly. Can’t wait to add Flappiness Is to our list of blogs we read.

    Thanks again,
    Christen Verroi

  23. Just started reading your blog. Will add you to my blogroll. Can you add me to yours?

  24. Jen E. says:

    Hi there! Would you add me to your blogroll?


  25. Kelli says:

    Would it be ok if I add your blog to our blog roll? Our blog is so you can add it to your blog roll! Thank you! I love reading your blog! 🙂

  26. samanthahines says:

    Hi there. I am going to add a link to your blog on mine. Hope that’s okay. Our six-year-old son was recently diagnosed with generalized epilepsy. I am finding, reading your words, though specifically about autism, solid connections. The stigma surrounding epilepsy is, sadly, alive and well; and we are doing our best here and on the blog to dispel some of the mystique. I wish you well. –Samantha

  27. Wow! Thank you for including me. I feel very honoured 🙂

  28. Sue says:

    Wow, thanks for including mine here. What an honor, as I’ve benefited so much from your blog. Looking forward to reading more…

  29. Autism Daddy says:

    Can you add my blog to your blog roll? It’s called Autism Daddy and can be found at


  30. melissa says:

    Hi, I have an education blog and want to do a blog on your last post. Can you dm me to let me know that is ok?

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