Problem solving is one of those things therapist-types evaluate when working with autistic children.  Which is why I was all sorts of amused last night at Callum’s antics attempting to wedge himself into the space in the new coffee table.  I’d say he gave it a good effort, wouldn’t you?

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures and for not dressing him up first.  But, sometimes one has to seize the moment when it arrives.  🙂

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  1. Pam says:

    My 9yr old (PDD-NOS) would do exactly the same thing. I’ve seen her do it. She loves small spaces. It warms my heart to see another precious one.

  2. OneLoCoMommy says:

    Wow, that is impressive. I say he has excellent problem solving skills.

  3. Absolutely adorable! Callum is perfectly precious! 🙂 (still smiling)

  4. Mama D says:

    I’d say his problem solving skills are just fine! And his perseverance. Bravo, Callum. 😉

  5. kermommy says:

    The soundtrack was inspiring. Good try buddy! At least he didn’t manage to break anything while making his attempt, either body or furniture.

  6. I too love small spaces. In our kitchen/dining room area growing up. there was this little corner where I used to wedge into a lot. Actually, I had lots of “impossibly small” spaces, and still do… That was very adorable, Callum! Sorry you didn’t quite fit.

  7. Laura says:

    Love it! We used to call our son “Captain Tight-Space” because he was always getting into the spot that we thought he couldn’t possibly fit. Just today he wiggled into the deck box that holds his outside toys and closed the lid.

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